I denied it forever, even to myself, but the truth is I’ve always loved Sophia.

No, I wasn’t carving CARTER + SOPHIA in trees or anything, but damn, I was talking about marrying her when I was still in kindergarten.

Somehow, we never managed to become an item before we went off to college and ended up on different coasts. I didn’t think it’d be a big deal, until she ghosted me like I was some piece of trash she couldn’t stand.

That was years ago, but now my dad is marrying her mom. On freaking Christmas of all days. Hard to avoid a girl at her own mom’s wedding, you know? We’re not little kids more, and I can’t get her out of mind.

Is it stupid to want someone who already rejected you? Is it wrong to want someone who’ll be your stepsister soon?

I don’t know if I care about stupid or wrong anymore. Not if I can be with her.